Endless Tales (v2.16.1118)


I apologize for the inconvenient, that due to a personal health reason, and since there are major fixes and upgrades that I have done; it was delayed until today. Like Shigeru Miyamoto said "A delayed game, is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Therefore, I'd rather do the test and do re-trial, make sure that there's no major game-breaker errors and bugs which will annoyed and angered the players (I know how that feel and I don't want the gamers that take interest in my game feel the same way).

I thankyou for your understanding and appreciation, I hope I can deliver you much more better games for your satisfaction.

Best regards, SZ.

Changelogs (ver 2.16.1118):

  • changed several maps' BGM
  • changed battle BGM for Althaia & Zeo
  • changed Battle Monk's weapon class
  • changed Inquisitor's weapon class
  • fixed enemy's skills for not dealing damage
  • fixed Hunter's Guild SideQuests for not canceled properly
  • fixed row information
  • fixed HELP informations
  • completed chapter 1 of Althaia's story
  • introduced maze features
  • implemented add/remove party member
  • added pictures for key item HELP
  • added simple weapon effects
  • removed unnecessary dialogues
  • reconfigured skill damages
  • reconfigured passive states

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