I apologize for the sudden devlog post after all these days that have passed since the submitted entry date. There were many reason that rendered me unable to write a proper devlog.

The background story of the game:

  • The main character (MC) live in a village of one of the nations which is in a warring state era
  • Since war among nations is often happened, there would be places like some remote villages which is  left unprotected, and bandits would take advantages of this situation. The army suggest that every village should make a signal (smoke), so the nearest army could spot and assist the designated village.
  • The MC used to dream as a warrior / soldier when he / she was just a kid, and would like to do self-practicing martial art.
  • One day the village was under attack and although the fire signal is lit, the army does not come yet. As the result, most of the villager along with MC's family was killed and like a cornered beast, MC capable to defend himself and defeat the bandits.
  • The Captain sees it as a feat for a capable warrior to change the fate of the nation, offered MC to be recruited into the army.

Gameplay (concept & idea, some are not implemented yet in the game, which will be marked by 'italic' font):

  • Choose between Male / Female character
  • Choose a nation from 3 countries:
    • Rubidium (desert terrain) - with great changes between the heated day and chilled night, makes Rubidian citizen have a raging spirit which gives them extra status : + HP+ ATK
    • Ceruleanus (snowy terrain) - harsh and cold environment has made Cerulean citizen great at endurance which gives them extra status :  + DEF & + MDEF
    • Viridiux (tropical terrain) - the Viridian citizen is adept at skill and techniques which gives them extra status : + MP & + MATK
  • Initially all the status work like any RPG games, except these 4 :
    • ATK = affect the damage of normal attack
    • DEF = defense point to reduce ATK
    • MATK = affect the damage of skills attack
    • MDEF = defense point to reduce MATK
  • Select 4 classes from 2 main type of unit:
    • Skirmish units;
      • Swordsman - equipment :
        • Sword & Shield : +ASPD - speed up battle turn
        • Heavy sword  (two-handed) : Double Hit / Attack
      • Spearman - equipment :
        • Spear & Shield : + Counter Attack rate
        • Glaive (two-handed) : + Critical hit & damage rate
    • Range units;
      • Archer - equipment :
        • Crossbow & Shield : +ASPD - speed up battle turn
        • Longbow (two-handed) : + Critical hit & damage rate
      • Gunner - equipment :
        • Handgun & Shield : Double Hit / Attack
        • Rifle (two-handed) : + Counter Attack rate
  • Main Quest mostly comes from the camp (Captain, Barrack Officer or any other higher ranked Officers, even can comes from the King)
  • Side Quest mostly comes from any travelers at the tavern (Inn & Pub)
  • Resting place (recover HP, MP and cure all ailments):
    • Barrack & Player's House : recover main character's status
    • Inn : recover all party members' status
  • House can be bought and upgraded through the Estate Agent. As a soldier, you have worked hard, getting a higher rank, it would be odd that you received no payment / fee for your services, and it would be nice if there's something in the game that can be bought (other than equipments & items) just for fun.
  • The houses' upgrade original idea was:
    • Player bought the empty house
    • visit a 'Miscellaneous Shop' (Furniture Shop, Home Appliances Shop, etc)
    • Buy the items that the player wants (chair, kitchen set, furnace, bigger bed, etc)
    • Each of these items other than to give a visual change, it would give a bonus (benefit) for the players, such as :
      • common bed (the bunker's bed will work the same) would just recover the HP & MP, and any ailments
      • bigger bed (or any nicer bed) other than recovering, player would receive extra bonus EXP rate for 2 to 3 battles
      • kitchen set : player become capable to cook any food by themselves (first one is just a standard meal, which will give a certain bonus buff, and then player can add more by buying more recipes which will give a certain different buff)
    • Player can put the items (furniture, etc) they have bought and arrange it inside their house by their own.
    • Some things are just an extra for visual convenience (flower pots, wall paintings, floor tiles, carpets, etc.
  • The war and the battle system is still a very simple approach in the prototype but the idea was that the Player can use any tactic or advantage of the terrain (the map) itself, such as:
    • Player can look for a hidden path to get around on behind some enemy troops and do pre-emptive strikes to deal more damage
    • Sometimes the ally commander will give an info about the surrounding terrain and will give the Player to choose how to enter the battlefield. As an example; charging with ally's troops right into the middle of the battlefield or taking a route stealthily to cut off the enemy's line of supply and then back to the battlefield.
    • The decision will affect the battle as a whole, which means the stealth attack may have failed, and enemy morale will risen up and capable to do more damage in the battlefield, vice versa. Sometimes the enemy's number will be added more if their line of supply isn't cut.
    • Sometimes the enemy will attack with their troops twice or triple times more than the ally, which will give a flag for the Player to play a side objective, such as:
      • Night raid / attack on the enemy camp from behind (or the hill, depends on the terrain)
      • A flag for player to interact with surrounding tools in the camp (make a flag) and ask the troops to attach 2 to 3 flags on their back and when the battle is started, lead the troops (protect them) to go into the hill and make the enemy's main force morale dropped.
    • Basically the war system will be played based on Sun Tzu's art of war, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Warring State Era, and some can be like the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" where the enemy's troops will be affected (exhaustion will drop the army's morale) by the terrain which the battle is occured.
  • The Player can advance their ranks, and the finish will be when the Player:
    • One, completed the main story
    • Two, conquered all the opposed nations
  • After completion, the Player can continue to play as there would be rebels from the defeated country would try to attack some village, or made an army to challenge your power as the General of all the land. Extra features would be like : doing an expansion march to a new land and meet another unknown nation.
  • There would be a rare occasion for the Player to be asked to change sides to the opponent's army, even when the Player has reached the Great General rank (it would be a challenge to oppose the unified nation as your opponent, but I'm sure some Players do like the odds).

Basically this game is made and inspired by the Japanese Warring State Era, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vikings and the Crusade War in the Holy Land.

Thankyou for your time, and to read this whole long idea of "The General of Heavens". Once again, thankyou for playing as well, it sure is made my day..

Have a nice day! Best regards!

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